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Kay Orthodontics (IL) - Local Rankings, January 28, 2021

Kay Orthodontics (IL) – Local Rankings, January 28, 2021

Competitors currently outranking Kay Orthodontics for new patient opportunities:

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How are others outranking Kay Orthodontics locally?

Current issues prohibiting you from ranking with your competition.


Current Site Health
Critical site error
Minor site warnings
Small site notices


Current Local Health
Potential Listings
Accurate Listings
Missed or inaccurate listings

Top issues impacting your local organic search rankings.

2 issues with incorrect certificate name

If the domain or subdomain name to which your SSL certificate is registered doesn’t match the name displayed in the address bar, web browsers will block users from visiting your website by showing them a name mismatch error, and this will in turn negatively affect your organic search traffic.

Your sitemap.xml could not be found

A sitemap.xml file is used to list all URLs available for crawling. It can also include additional data about each URL. Using a sitemap.xml file is quite beneficial. Not only does it provide easier navigation and better visibility to search engines, it also quickly informs search engines about any new or updated content on your website. Therefore, your website will be crawled faster and more intelligently.

491 issues with blocked internal resources in robots.txt
Blocked resources are resources (e.g., CSS, JavaScript, image files, etc.) that are blocked from crawling by a “Disallow” directive in your robots.txt file. By disallowing these files, you’re preventing search engines from accessing them and, as a result, properly rendering and indexing your webpages. This, in return, may lead to lower rankings. For more information, please see this article.


38 pages have low text-HTML ratio

Your text to HTML ratio indicates the amount of actual text you have on your webpage compared to the amount of code. This issue is triggered when your text to HTML is 10% or less. Search engines have begun focusing on pages that contain more content. That’s why a higher text to HTML ratio means your page has a better chance of getting a good position in search results. Less code increases your page’s load speed and also helps your rankings. It also helps search engine robots crawl your website faster.

Top issues preventing patients from finding you nearby.

Only 7 consistent directory listings

Whether you manage a single local listing or hundreds, the consistency of your NAP data across the web can either help grow your business, or serve as a barrier to customer discovery. Google uses the net of all listings to determine whether or not you’re a reliable source in local listings and map-pack search.

12 important directories have no information

A local citation is any online mention of the name, address, and phone number of a local business. Citations help Internet users to discover local businesses and can also impact local search engine rankings. Specifically, having the right basic citationscan help you rank accurately on Google Maps.

32 directories have wrong address or phone data

Oh no, that’s not the look you’re going for online. When multiple directories report different names, phone numbers, or addresses online – users get confused but so do search engines. Therefore, the net result of inconsistent or wrong listings hurt your map and organic listings.

50% of your online listings are synced

This is the overall “grade” of your online listings currently. Our Pro subscriptions will identify the weak links, fix the issue, and get you back on the path of success.

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